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Introduction Our Cast of Characters:

(1)elswhere: Your basic left-handed Jewish lesbian New York expatriate. Compulsive bibliophile. Mom [adoptive variety]. Born 1966. Oldest child. Birth sign: Cancer. Your Humble Narrator. 109 more things about me

(2)Renaissance Woman: Musician, librarian, massage practitioner, sound designer, teacher, online Help developer, future speech pathologist, and mom [biological variety]. Born 1962. Only child of academic ex-hippies. Birth sign: Cancer [yes, another one]. Spouse of Your Humble Narrator.

(3)Sarah Mermaid Girl: a/k/a Sarah-boo, Boo-girl, Miss S., Bunny, Munchkin, Her Highness. Only child of elswhere and Renaissance Woman. Occupations: Undressing dolls, jumping off furniture, singing, dancing, drawing, painting, climbing, swinging on swings, scheming for candy, resisting bedtime. Born 2000. Birth sign: Virgo [with pronounced Leo tendencies].

Your hand has been replaced by a rubber stamp. What does it say?

OVERDUE, of course!