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Introduction Mostly blogging about things not as important as, say, discovering a heretofore unknown continent but aspiring to one day come close in meaning and significance; I write stuff, poems and stories and reviews; poetry editor and fiction slush reader for Niteblade; Fantastique Unfettered's managing editor.
Interests Uhm, martial arts work for me. I'm an instructor for Karate too.
Favorite Movies Long list. I'll give you some genres I like: action, adventure, suspense/horror. Mainstream stuff isn't the only thing out there.
Favorite Music Depends. I listen to just about everything from classical stuff to rock.
Favorite Books Seriously. There is not enough room here. My apartment is too small for all the books...

Sponges and tongues are frequently misspelled. Is it because both are thirsty?

I dunno. Is this supposed to be funny? I guess if you put a sponge in your mouth and try saying 'tongue' it sounds like 'sponge'. Is that a reason? Well, you may wanna try putting a sponge in your mouth now and recite Poe. I dare you.