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Introduction Born in Santiago, Chile. Between 1976 & 1988 he lived in Caracas, Venezuela where he studied Plastic Arts, at the Cristóbal Rojas School of Visual Arts. He lives in Lakeland, Fl. where he has his studio. The great majority of my collection “Dreams of Colors” I began to develop from some poems and dreams that I started developing with every freedom, detaching myself from my brushes, I begin to fly with my hands, caressing the dreams and the poetry, I let myself go through the desire, the intention and the passion. My work deals with letting gesture predominate and hidden forms, so that the spectator may discover what is concealed; may find what I didn’t find; that which is and isn’t there; that can and can not be seen. In synthesis, he wants the work to become part of the spectator, to the extent that it is observed, discovered, & made one’s own. Brushes are replaced by hands, dripping, rags, leaves, sponges, metals, plastics and non-conventional instruments.