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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation None/school/film/animation
Location Vancouver/Sundre, BC/Alberta, Canada
Introduction I have epilepsy. I've had it for like, 6-7 years, maybe more. It's not the "see flashing light's and convulse" seizures that is so famously represented (Photosensitivity) in media. Mine are very unpredictable, and my pills have altered my lifestyle. Well, No working in the Albertan oilfields for me :). I'll just have to sit at my computer and perfect my skills as an animator. I also have a perfectionism problem. Ironic, Campy(corny) humour is my favourite. I own ALL rights to - a slow-to-get-started internet animation "company". I've tried different techniques to get others inspired to help out, but in the past 1.3 years, we've gotten 1 team animation done. My love for melodrama took a turn for the best when one of my animations - Silent Film 3 - was nominated for a scholarship award. Unfortunatley, I used to many Movie clips during production -as it was not intended to be shown in .mov format- and lost most of it's motion.
Interests Animation, rememembering, reading, breathing, the internet, drawing, animation, watching TV, melodrama, Combining words into new words that don't exist
Favorite Movies South Park:BLU, Monty Python's The meaning of Life, Kung Pow, Blazing saddles, Classical animation, campy movies that don't drag on and on and so on and on
Favorite Music Classical
Favorite Books Kurt Vonnegut, Stephen King, Humour

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