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Occupation Keeping the wolves away from the door
Interests history, religion, politics, ramones, man ray, Easter Island, punk rock, tattoos, midgets, dogtown, Israel, Africa, Knights Templar, The Crusades, U.F.O.'s, Archeology, buried treasure, hawaiiana, british empire, civil war, nazi germany, rocks, robert crumb, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Williams, Lowbrow Art, Skulls, War, Mullets, Henry Rollins, Jeffrey Lewis, Freaks, pin ups, John Prine, Sunnyslope, Wallace and Ladmo, Star Trek, Walt Disney, Ed Roth, Explorers, Planet of the apes, John Waters, Guns, Ark of the Covenant, Masada, The Black Plague, Warsaw Uprising, Albrecht Durer, The Smithsonian Institution, The Reconquesta, Taxidermy, Hasidism, The Inquisition, Hokusai, Paul Gauguin, H.L.Mencken, Mark Twain, Alfred Hitchcock, Edgar Allen Poe, Cherokee Nation, P.T.Barnum, samurai movies, Roman History, bones, the Huns, Disturbing Movies, Australia, Zimbabwe, Arizona, Ghost Towns, Tombstone, Stonewall Jackson, Bagpipes, Ricky Gervais, Steve Martin, Riots, Surf Culture, John Wayne, Dr.Suess, Antiques, Jonathan Winters, Hot Rods, Pit Bulls, Bigfoot, Rat Terriers, The Confederacy, awkward silence, carnies, king kamehameha, buddha statues, blue glass, Francis Bavier, Edith Massey, Porter Rockwell, Jackalopes, Hi my name is Ryan, circus freaks, Stalingrad, cemeteries, Rommel, David Sedaris, Lucha Libre, Maps, Linguistics, Scots Irish, Electric Butter, Lost Tribes of Israel, Ethiopia, Archeology, Insanity, Bedlam, Charlemagne, Phrenology, Byzantium, Sparta, Ghengis Khan, Attila The Hun, Solomon, Leonardo, Hoaxes, Serial Killers, S.S., Militaria, Collections, Flea Markets
Favorite Movies a clockwork orange, waiting for guffman, high plains drifter, the unforgiven, the orkley kid, pink flamingos, napolean dynamite, hara kiri, anchorman, zoolander, the proposition, open range, Shane, The Jerk, seven samarai, zatoichi, Hi my name is Ryan, High noon, Mommy Dearest, Dawn of the Dead, North By Northwest, The Shootist
Favorite Music punk rock, alt country, bluegrass, celtic, ska, Blues, Sex Pistols, the ramones, Dead Kennedys, Johnny Cash, The Specials, Black Flag, Robert Earle Keen, Elvis Costello, Roy Orbison, Freakwater, Steve Earle, Leadbelly, Minor Threat, Son House, The Cramps, Split Lip Rayfield, Willy Nelson, Roxy Music, Buddy Holly, Minor Threat, Frank Sinatra, New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders, Iggy Pop, Elvis, IZ, Merle Haggard, X-Ray Spex, John Prine, Jeffrey Lewis, Lyle Lovett, Peter Tosh, Cheb Mami, Bob Marley
Favorite Books Kim, Dune, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Me Talk pretty one Day, O Jerusalem, Salonica, The Dogs of God, The Anarchists Cookbook, Prisoner of the Vatican, The World According To Garp, Warriors of God, The First Crusade, Mishima's Sword, The African House, Crime and Punishment, I did'nt do it for you, Green Eggs and Ham

If you could peer far enough into the night sky, you'd see a star in any direction you looked. When would you sleep?

In the basement.