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Location Willoughby, Ohio
Introduction I am a localization coordinator & Mom to 3 awesome kids well on their way to independence. For fun, I blog & volunteer & I love to read. A book over tv any day. I mostly watch tv only when I am watching with someone else.

Why Phillipia: A friend gave me that nickname and I adopted it as it happens to remind me of my catholic school upbringing - I am Mary & Phillipia is most certainly a nun name...Sr. Mary Phillipia:) While I am pretty sure I did not know an actual Sr. Mary Phillipia, I knew a lot of nuns - a few I actually liked/respected. The rest - well, there are priests & there are nuns in my past, and someday I will blog about them as Phillipia writes....

Disclaimer: My blog is me. I say what is on my mind at the time. Sometimes the words are those nasty four letter ones; I try to keep them in my head, but they just will not stay put. I try not to use real names but sometimes one slips here and there, I apologize. If you think you recognize yourself on any of these posts, I mean no harm. Everything is in good fun - if I do not like you at least a little, I do not blog about you. Enjoy! That's what life is about!
Favorite Movies Juno, Little Miss Sunshine, Blues Brothers, (Chic Flicks)
Favorite Music Classic Rock, Meatloaf, Bob Seger, Neil Diamond, Pat Benatar, Eagles, Chicago, John Mellencamp, Jimmy Buffett, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, ....
Favorite Books Rebecca (not Sunnybrook Farm), Gone with the Wind, Stephanie plum Series, Spenser Series, James Patterson, John Grisham, Sandra Brown, Robert Parker, Tannebaum, ....

The hair from your last haircut ... what would it say about your new style?

Less gray to cover now:)