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Introduction When we met we had dreams of a narrowboat but life took over and our boating plans got put on hold. We never forgot our dream though; we borrowed a boat for a couple of trips, had a hire boat holiday and promised that ‘One day we’ll do it’. The kids moved on and moved out and it was just the pension left to tie us. Then Dave got made redundant and the final tie was cut. We needed the money from the house to buy a boat and didn’t want to buy the first one we saw just for somewhere to live, so we bought a campervan. We sold the house and, in a state of freedom between mortgage and mooring fees, went on an eight month friends and relations tour of Europe, New Zealand and Australia. When we got back we went boat hunting. We found one called Legend that ticked all our boxes and we moved aboard in April 2011. We’re Continuous Cruisers which means we don’t have a permanent mooring and can stay up to 14 days before moving on, so we’re slowly exploring the 2,000 miles of England’s waterways. This is a log of our journey; selling a house and its contents, going around the world and then learning how to live in a tin can. It’s been emotional. It’s been an adventure. It’s still going.