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Location Temple, Pennsylvania
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Introduction Obviously, I'm a Blonde! I am a CHRISTAIN!! I'm not going to hide it!! I am going to try my best to make God number one! I love baking, crafting, learning new things! I hate reading, unless I find just the perfect book. (In that case, I can't put it down!) I'm home schooled. Yes, I actually do school! I Love pinterest!! I absolutely, positively, LOVE SCI-FI!! I am a STAR WARS nerd!! I even have a cat named; Yoda!! Insane, right? I cannot live without coffee!! I have too many animals to count! I have four siblings! (I know, right?) I try my best to be positive. (try.) I love Hamburg, Pa! I try to please everyone! (So, don't be afraid to asked for something you want posted.) I will NOT post anything negative or inappropriate!! (So, don't bother asking!)Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you like it!
Favorite Movies Star wars, Hunger Games, Once Upon a Time, Princess Bride, Wreck-it Ralph, Courageous, Jurassic Park, The Illusionist, Narnia, Sliders, The A-team
Favorite Books Eragon