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Industry Arts
Occupation artist
Location ...from the sleepy west of the woody east, USA
Introduction I am Eloise. I am six.
No, really:
I'm an artist-at-large/naturegirl/runner/gypsy/reader/thinker/double pisces/snake charmer/madwoman in the attic.
I'm the one with my heart on my sleeve.
I was raised in a farmhouse between two streams in a valley with a bigger river through it - all that water is in my blood.
I'm inside as little as possible, except when I'm hiding.
I'm learning to embrace contradictions.

I'm inspired by different forms of healing, rivers, the power of nature, the seasons, synchronicity, bravery, books, tarot, color combinations, people who live outside of what's "normal", and that thing known as Outsider Art.
I create things because I have to, and to connect to the thing that is bigger than me and joins all of us.
My hope is that people see something they can relate to in some pieces, something that makes us know that we are not alone on this earth, some thread that connects us and can mend the wounds we keep hidden, and celebrate the ordinary things we take for granted.
Currently: learning about freedom from shame and being serenely wild.
Interests altars, animals, art dolls, bare feet, bayous, beatniks, blue jeans, bohemians, bonfires, books, camping, cemeteries, collage, crafts, creativity, drive-ins, folk art, folk magic, forests, green, gypsies, healing, hiking, kerouac, living off the grid, mermaids, nature, new mexico, new orleans, the ocean, outsider art, polydactyl cats, provincetown, questioning authority, rain, revolution, rivers, road trips, sewing, sketchbooks, spirituality, stars, storms, tarot, thoreau, transcendentalism, treehouses, trees, truth, walt whitman, waterfalls, wendell berry, wilderness, wildness

That can't really be a fish you're standing on, can it?

Of course, I'm a double Pisces - I'm at one with all fish.