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Gender Male
Location Suburban Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Introduction "I've been investigating medical fraud and quackery for 25 years. Peter Heimlich and his wife Karen uncovered the biggest case I've ever seen" - Robert S. Baratz MD PhD, National Council Against Health Fraud

In 2002, Karen and I began researching the career of my father, Henry J. Heimlich MD, famous for "the Heimlich maneuver." To our astonishment, we uncovered a 50-year history of fraud which revealed that dad (who died in 2016) was a remarkable -- and dangerous -- medical charlatan and con man.

Since Spring 2003, my outreach to journalists has resulted in hundreds of mainstream print and broadcast media reports based on our research, some of which have won journalism awards.

Via my blog, since 2010 I've done original document-based reporting, mostly about fraud and other misconduct. (A New Jersey newspaper called me "an investigative blogger.")

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