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Industry Education
Occupation Information Warfare Insurgent, Advocate of Freedom, Anti-Islamic Provocateur
Location Aphelion 152,097,701 km, Perihelion 147,098,074 km
Introduction My interest is opening the eyes of freedom-loving people everywhere to the dangers that Islam poses to the free world.
Interests I love to blog, read and write. I'm your garden variety news and info junkie.
Favorite Movies As soon as Hollywood makes a movie that honestly portrays the threat Islam poses to our society ... that'll be my favorite movie (in other words ... nothing like "Munich" ... "Kingdom of Heaven" or any such politically correct historically flawed nonsense)
Favorite Books Robert Spencer, "Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam", Andrew Bostom "Legacy of Jihad

You've written a hit musical! How will you avoid having fame go to your head?

I'll recall what the Romans told their victorious generals, namely, "remember, you are mortal."