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Introduction Along with many other things, I have a long standing interest in computing, particularly computer languages, AI and some unusual kinds of statistical analysis and have written many applications in the Delphi programming language some of which I managed to get paid for writing. What one might call commercial development I suppose.

My great computing heroes for brilliant, simple and eminently useful ideas include Alan Turin – unorganized machines, Tony Hoare – quicksort, Edsger Dijkstra – solution of a problem in concurrent programming (several in fact) and David Parnas – information hiding. Of course, the contribution of these guys extends far beyond the specific examples given here. It is just that from a personal perspective these few ideas have had a particular impact.

Something I would like to do is write a study demonstrating how a few similarly simple ideas could be used in a programming language to ensure information hiding and ease problems with writing and maintaining ever more complex applications. Whether this happens remains to be seen. Currently this blog is about Java and for posting some stuff for Darrell Ince's Processing book.