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Introduction Five years ago, four feature film Animators decided to get together and build a Treehouse. Those animators became known to their studio as... The Lozt Boyz - Paul Downs, Pete Paquette, Nick Bruno & Scott Carroll After many years together, two of the Lozt Boyz (Pete & Paul), have been given the amazing opportunity to be closer to their families. While those that remain couldn't be happier for them, they also can't help but feel a little more lost without them. Though as they move forward, two new Lozt Boyz have been adopted. Jeff Gabor & Melvin Tan And with a new group comes a new beginning. This is where the blog begins. The Lozt Boyz hope to capture thoughts, experiences, and memories as they happen, and recall those of the past. Consider it a candid look into the working lives of four friends trying to find their way in the amazing world of Animation.