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Introduction This blog was started by yours truly in July 2008. I wanted to create a ‘living breathing’ site which would aggregate all the Atheist, Pro-Science and Free-Thinking Songs, under the one roof. So, let’s try our best to formulate a definitive list of: 'Atheist Songs', 'Pro-Science Songs' & 'Free-Thinkers Songs'. Plus say a few ‘peevish pagan’ songs, thrown-in for good measure! By definition this blog is a work in progress, and grows as submissions are received. You’ll see the ‘filing’ system works by the Artist Name first, and then the Song. Before you post, kindly read 'The Rules' first.So there you have it, this blog is now more ‘yours’ than ‘mine’. I’ve just given it a good head start, namely 1,000 plus songs. Have fun. Paul.