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Location woodlands, Singapore
Introduction Aq Ska SwimMing N PEnaH La jD jUAra Utk AcaRA niE...BKu LAk Aq sKa Bc Yg Sram Tp CintAn poWn lYAn gaK jnJy isI mSa TerlUang...cHAtTing pOwn Aq Ska..
Interests haLlO...nMe aq pgeL je fiEyra..nmE pnOh xYah la Twu..seCret gItu!!aq DlahIrkan d siaNgapoRE and theN mnetAp d wOodlands, sinGApore BrasL dr kluaaaaarga yG biAse2 jew..heheh....i''m onLy nineteen years oLd.hehe, still young laa..i've fallen in love with this someone who is..hmm, o dont think to mention his nme..Before this hppen, i thought that him can took care and honestLy with me but its onLy my dreams.After this, my heart was 'cLosed' to accept any boys whiLe i meet a boy that i coupLe know.i do not hepy as well like i hepy with him.thanks to allah to give chance for me to meet with him that kindLy, caring, loving who is ??..and he aLways makes me smiLe :), but he was a little notty bcause he aLways distrb me..evwn me too far away each other, but i'm confident that him onLy love me..i hope he was the last man in my heart.i'm praying our relationship will end to marriage..i have a p/s for him..dear, i want u know that i aLwys rmember you and aLwys bsides u..i reaLLy love u..muahhhhh..i love u dear...
Favorite Movies aq ske cite rmntik2, sdih2 n citer hntu..xp aq ny pnakut..kLkar an..
Favorite Music sume music aq ske xp y pling best music sdih aq coz aq ny ske feeling2...hehehe
Favorite Books aq ske be novel2 chenta..feeling gle kowt