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Introduction Nate and I were married April 3rd, 2001! We have 3 wonderful kids... Twins daughters who are just 8 and our sweet little guy Forde who is almost 3 years old. Kylan is the oldest of the twins and just such an amazing little girl she is so happy and social, She loves school and to read, And she loves to color and do any type of Art project. Then there is Lundyn she is exactly 2 minutes younger than Ky and has one of the strongest little spirits ever, She was born with Cerebral Palsy, But that hasn't stopped her from accomplishing so many things the doctors said she would never walk and she starting walking around the age of 3 not perfectly but still walking she is so smart and even though she can not speak or do a lot of the simple day to day things she lets us know exactly what she wants and needs and she loves everyone and gets super excited to see people.... Next is our Forde and he literally looks like a Forde he is a whopping 38 pounds and the biggest Mommas boy ever! ( and yes most the time I love it) He is such a fun and loving little guy and I have so much fun when the girls are at school spending time with just him. Yes we truly are blessed!