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Gender MALE
Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Rider
Location All India Ride, All India Ride, India
Introduction Born in Tariyani, Chhapra, in Bihar, Rakesh Kumar Singh has mostly been a media-person for the most part of his life. He has spent about 10 years in Delhi working with the 'Sarai' programme of the Centre for Studies of Developing Societies, Delhi as a media researcher, studying the media market in Delhi and edited a Reader-series called Medianagar. He also spent time as a corporate communication expert with a few corporate firms and freelanced for several magazines and news papers. His first book Bam Sankar Tan Ganes is discussed as a valuable documentation of the contemporary history of rural Bihar. At present, he is wandering to complete his next book Beyond Nagas, apart from playing with the brush and colours. He draws his ideals from Kartulain Haidar's Kalandar and strength from Yash Malviya's poetry: Samay ki maar Sah lena nahin rukna mere saathi. A country free of gender discrimination is his final dream. And there haven't been more than three interests that move his life- Wandering, tripping and photography.
Interests गप-शप, सैर-सपाटा, दोस्‍ती-यारी, शहरी और देहाती दुनिया में हो रहे बदलावों को समझना, जनांदोलन और ...
Favorite Movies दिल्ली आने के बाद हॉल में कम देखना होता है. वैसे धर्मकांटा, नीलकमल, प्यासा, शोले, प्रतिघाट, अपहरण, दिल ..
Favorite Music जो भी लोकगीत मिल जाए. वैसे नूरा, महेन्द्र मिश्र, विंध्यवासिनी देवी, शारदा सिन्हा के ज़्यादातर गीत
Favorite Books राग दरबारी, सूत्रधार, सत्य के साथ मेरे प्रयोग, गालिब छूटी शराब, भारतीय जेलों में पांच साल, सावधन नीचे आग है ...