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Location New York City, NY, United States
Introduction I love telling stories and I hope I never run out of stories to tell. I suffer from self-diagnosed geographic claustrophobia (in layman's terms, wanderlust), and I may be addicted to pens and moleskines; I'm looking into it. I love lonely, rainy afternoons with a great book and a cup of Earl Grey, sleeping in, and cooking up a feast in spacious, well-equipped kitchens. I hate purple, Uggs, and people who walk really slowly in front of me on the sidewalk. I can be opinionated and very stubborn, but I'm generally quite flexible. Especially if you ask nicely. I also like lemons a lot, and most things vintage. When I find a typo in a book it makes me a bit giddy. I think boredom is for boring people. I like non sequiturs. And brunch. When I lived in Rome I had a Vespa. I miss it terribly. My philosophies are live and let live, and to each his own; my religion is joie de vivre. In the words of a wise man by the name of Wilde, life is too important to be taken seriously.