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Gender MALE
Industry Law
Occupation Writer, Filmmaker, lawyer
Location Mauritius
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Introduction Born in 1979, Sabir Kadel (whose pen name is M. K. Sabir) is a writer and filmmaker of Mauritian origin. His main themes revolve around the overlapping of predestination and freewill, Solipsism and Personism. Sabir’s political views emphasize Anarcho-capitalism, libertarianism and ethical-egoism. Initially a lawyer, and former editor in chief of an online newspaper, he now works as Law Reform Officer for the Law Reform Commission. He has published a short story in ‘Chroniques de l’Ile Maurice’ (Éditions Sépia, Paris, 2009). He is the author of a philosophical essay, ‘The Tenth Era’ (ISBN : 9782812140877) which focuses on the positive correlation between American Protestantism and geostrategy. He also wrote a novel ‘Strange Attractors’ which follows a man and a woman lost in a radical quest for knowledge.
Interests Drink, smoke, fcuk, read and write...
Favorite Movies Zerkalo, Solaris, 2001, Barry Lyndon, Vier Minuten, Misery, La traversee de Paris, Un singe en hiver, Patriot Games, The Russia House, La guerre du Feu, Andrei Rublev, La Crise, Into the Wild is SHITTY, Apocalypto, The Duellists, Mishima, l'Aveu, The Exorcist, La bataille d'Algers, L'ennemi intime, Free Zone, Madame Bovary, The other man, Two Lovers, Revolutionary Road, Mutiny on the Bounty, Reflections in a Golden Eye, A history of Violence, The Missouri Breaks, Tideland, The adventures of Baron Munchausen, Irreversible, Conan, Smoke, Martyrs, The Weather Man, Les autres, La moustache, Adaptation, Wild at heart, Elephant Man, Das leben der Anderen, Reservoir Dogs, Uranus, Cyrano de Bergerac, Troy, Taking Sides, Harsh Times, Full Metal Jacket, Dr. Strangelove, The Pianist, Platoon is a shitty war movie!, Paths of glory, Eyes Wide Shut, Valhalla Rising, American History X, The Believer, A Street Car named Desire, A Clockwork Orange, La double Vie de Veronique, Shining, Citizen Kane, Lawrence of Arabia, Nostalghia, Apocalypse Now, White Hunter Black Heart, Unforgiven, Donnie Darko, The last Temptation of Christ, Blade Runner, The Doors, Modigliani, Factotum, Total Eclipse, Apocalypto, Le cas Furtwangler, The Immortal Beloved, Coffee and Cigarettes, Broken Flowers, 2 days in Paris, The Sheltering Sky, The last Tango in Paris, Othello, Julius Cesar, The Godfather, Taxi Driver, After Midnight, Magnolia, There will be Blood, Patton, Goodfellas, Contact, Spirited Away, La diagonale du fou, Fight Club, Lolita, In the realm of senses, Aguire, Camille Claudel, American Psycho, The Machinist, Equilibrium, V for Vendetta, Dogville, Flandres, A Serious Man, Fargo, Barton Fink, The Big Lebowski, O Brother where Art Thou?, Burn after reading, Trzy kolory: Niebieski, Henry et June, Little Big Man, Cube, Pi, Salò or the 120 Days of Sodom, Lokator, Cache, Funny Games, Time of the Wolf, Le ruban blanc, Lunes de Fiel, La Jeune Fille et la Mort, Agora, Frantic, L'horreur ! L'horreur !
Favorite Music The Doors, Damien Saez, Jefferson Airplane, Velvet Underground, Chopin, Wagner, Ludwig Van B., Rolling Stones, Ligeti, Poledouris, Haendel, Schubert, Lully, Orff, Fairouz, Brassens, Cranberries, Ella Fitzgerald, Gainsbourg, Wir sind Helden, Rammstein, Bizet, Massive Attack, Noir Desir, Dutronc
Favorite Books Epic of Gilgamesh, Nibelungenlied, Giordano Bruno, Nietzsche, Heraclitus, Hallaj, Hafiz, Kardec, Darwin, Lucrece, Saint Augustin, Viktor Frankl, Mein Kampf, Kamasutra, Arabian Nights, Pindar, Machiavelli, Hagakure, Walt Whitman, Berkeley, Zweig, Thomas Mann, Baudelaire, Peter Singer, Aristotle, Clausewitz, Sun Tse, Edmond Rostand, Gombrowicz, Lautreamont, Pierre Benoit, Salinger, Stendhal, Huysmans, Radiguet, Sophocle, Eschyle, Thomas Aquinas, Maimonides, Ibn Sina, Kawabata, Levi-Strauss, Aleister Crowley, Dante, Boccacio, Petrarch, Montaigne, La Bruyere, Petronius, Kierkegaard, Schopenhauer, Celine, Diderot, Wittgenstein, Tolstoy, Kafka, Camus, Cioran, Eliade, Nabokov, Dostoyevsky, Pushkin, Lorca, Goethe, Shakespeare, Mishima, Kundera, Heidegger, Holderlin, Mickiewicz, Conrad, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Rilke, Freud, Foucault, Rene Char, Rousseau, Gustave Le Bon, Max Stirner, Erich Von Daniken, Seneca, Flaubert, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Ernst Junger, Marlowe, P. K. Dick., Cicero, Aristotle, E. A. Poe, Lovecraft, Ayn Rand, Max Stirner, Hesse, Schnitzler, Proust, Joyce, Homer, Celan, Baudrillard, Paul Bowles, Plato, Bergson, Thoreau, Trakl, Keats, Blake, Melville, Vercors, Maupassant, D'Holbach, Virgil, Ovid, Marquis de Sade, Georges Bataille, Myself