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Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Wife, Mother, Writer, Foodie
Location Suburbs of Denver
Introduction I'm Tasha. I'm a former bartender turned housewife. Is that an oxymoron? I'm now a freelance writer. I'm a wannabe go-go cage dancer. I'm a Democrat. I grew up in Denver, Colorado, but I've also lived in San Diego, Las Vegas and Philadelphia. I have a motorcycle license. I love sushi, pizza, beer, birthday cake, prime rib, crab legs & red wine. I love food and I love to eat. I'm scared of heights, needles and spiders - in that order. I'm a terrible singer. I can swear like a truck driver. I'm head over heels in love with my husband. I drink my water and soda warm. I love a good lip gloss; I have 10 different kinds and even wear it in my sweats at home. I can quote old movies with the best of them. I don't like tomatoes. I have perfect teeth and have had a car's worth of work done to them. I'm an excellent swimmer. I have a shamrock tattoo on my ankle. I'm a huge animal lover; I have a 25-pound cat named Nemo. He has really bad breath but I love him anyway. I have a bit of hippie in me; my daughter was born at home, on purpose. I can copy anyone's laugh. I'm an avid reader. If I had a choice of anywhere to eat my meals, it would be in bed; I love eating in bed.