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Gender Male
Industry Advertising
Introduction Hello there, I'm Rick Sanchez, the smartest man in the... no scratch that... the smartest being in the multiverse. I'm the resident genius of Earth Dimension C-137, spending my time traversing through different dimensions with my grandson Morty, and sometimes the rest of my less impressive family. Most people would label me as a mad scientist, but hey, I've transcended the need for societal norms and ethics a long time ago. I enjoy a good flask of hard liquor and I have a strong inclination for chaotic adventures and reckless abandon. On paper, I'm not your typical grandfather, but then again, normal is for boring people. Stick around and you'll understand why life is far more interesting when you're breaking the laws of reality instead of following them. *burps* Alright, that's enough of that, let's go Morty.
Interests Guns, Portals, Bird Person, Interdimentional Cable, and Blips and Chitz