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Introduction I am a free spirit wandering this earth. Been to a lot of places in all kinds of moods and in search of different experiences. Nothing made complete sense until I fell in love with the enormous ocean of Gurbani. Sikhi makes this life come alive. Colors are more vivid, places more beautiful, people more valuable, heart more content and the soul more joyous. I am a better mother, better friend, better student and a better citizen of this earth. Sweet Sikhi gives the passion for this life....But I can't explain it. It's like a candy to the mute...When he tastes it, he can only smile but not explain.
Interests Learning from Gurbani, Hiking, Camping, Going places, Music, Teaching, Writing, Yoga, Dancing, Environmental Consciouness
Favorite Music Dhadhi Vaars, Gurbani Keertan, BhangRa