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Introduction I have had a love for cooking since I was young.. well ok at first it wasn't a love it was my "chore." but love came later.. When I turned 16 my Mother started me reading recipes on Sunday and then picking 2 or 3 from her cook books or magazines and then preparing a grocery list from the recipe (which today I am lost if I don't have my detailed list for my trip to the store) from my list I would then clip coupons and I would head off to the grocery store.. As an incintive (I always need incintives and money works wonders *smile*) I was allowed to keep any money I saved from the coupons and she would then pay me per meal I made. I had to cook at leaast 2 a week but if wanted more money I would cook more, the prices ranged from $5.00 for simple meals such as tacos and refried beans (no canned in my house) or $15.00 for something like Chicken Cacciatore (because it takes so much longer but is so much worth it). So when I got married and got a house of my own I was able to conquer the grocery store and cooking delicious meals. um thanks Mom?