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Introduction I started knitting in my high school psychology class about four years ago. The girl next to me was working on and orange an black stockinette stitch scarf, and when I showed interest she gave me a book called Stitch n' Bitch, The Knitter's Handbook. She let me borrow a pair of needles and helped me cast on and struggle through my first few swatches. After a few oddly shaped and unwearable hats, and one very soft but very shoddily made scarf that my boyfriend at the time wore anyway [thankyousir], I finally started to get the hang of things. However as often happens, life got too busy and my knitting was put on the back burner for a long time.
When I came to college things got a little bit too heavy and I was in serious need of a stressbuster, and a good distraction. So I picked my knitting back up and its been in my hands pretty much constantly ever since. I started a school knitting club, which still isn't quite official but is well on it's way. And I've finished a good many nice projects. Finally, I decided to try and extend my reach into the online community. So here I am. I'm hoping to make new friends, learn lots and share my experiences with others.