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Gender MALE
Industry Investment Banking
Occupation analyst
Location LONDON, United Kingdom
Introduction Hi, I'm Keith Woolcock, I look for emerging themes and technologies that have the power to create and destroy businesses. I search for those points in life where change is taking place at the fastest pace. I have worked both as an national newspaper journalist and tech analyst with banks such as Merrill Lynch and Nomura
Interests technology, science, economics, a really vast range of music, photography, modern art, philosophy, ancient history, modern french russian and american literature, films, new ideas.
Favorite Movies Le Regle du Jeu (Jean Renoir), anything by Kurosawa, The Hangover, Each Beat of My Heart, Other People's Lives, Some Like It Hot, Un Conte de Noel, La Dolce Vita, Le Dinner des Cons, Les Enfants du Paradise, Old Boy, Public Enemy, Le Diva, Milou en Mai, Betty Blue, Pulp Fiction, Get Carter
Favorite Music Arve Henrikson, John McGloughlin's, William Parker, Wayne Shorter, Captain Beefheart, Extrapolation, Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Radio Head, Sigur Ros, Led Zepplin, Sun Ra, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Purcell, Britten, Shostokovich, Brazilian Music, Indian Music, Bobo Stenson, John Coltraine.
Favorite Books The Master and Margarita, Journey to the end of night and death on the instalment plan by Celine, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Call it sleep, Blood Meridian, Paris Noir, Montparnasse Years, Under the Volcano, Illuminations - Walter Benjamin, Axel's Castle and To The Finland Station - Edmund Wilson, The Essays, Michel de Montaigne, Poets&Playwrights: Villon, Eliot, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Cavafy, Wallace Stevens, Robert Lowell, Mandelstam, Brodesky, Paul Muldoon, Beckett, Shakespeare, Moliere, The Lepard, The User Illusion, Breaking Open the Head, Black Earth, Moscow Underground, Novel with Cocaine