Barns of the midwest

About me

Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation freelance photographer/editor
Location Wheeling, Illinois
Introduction I hope that's its apparent, but I am passionate about photographing American barns. Although there's more to my work (http://www. ernestjschweitphotography .com), these temples on the prairie hold a special fascination. They represent an era that is fast vanishing from our land ; a majesctic independence and self reliance embodied in the American farmer. And before these old wooden brans turn to dust, they need to be preserved, if not as historical structures, then at the very least as images. That's where I come in. My book, "Wisconsin Barns," is full of images from a two-year journey through the Badger State. Find it at any national book seller web site or at We add images as we travel the midwest and elsewhere, sometimes with frequency, sometimes not. Whenever we post, we hope you like what you see.
Interests photography, writing, cigars, cooking
Favorite Movies "Inglorious Basterds, " "Dr. Strangelove, " "Star Wars, " "Indiana Jones, " "Ghost Busters, " "Blues Brothers, " "Ring of Fire."
Favorite Music Buffett, Beatles, any type of blues, classical guitar, Traveling Wilburys', Donovan, Simon and Garfunkle.
Favorite Books Wherever You Go, There You Are; biographies of Babe Ruth, General Schwarzkopf, Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy. Any photo books by David Plowden, David Munch, John Brandenberg, Shaw. Anything by or about Frank Lloyd Wright.

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