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Gender Female
Location Sydney, Western suburbia, Australia
Interests 40k, LoTR, Epic, Adeptus Titanicus, Aeronautica Imperialis, Dark Future, Stargrunt, Cyberpunk, RPGs, Fashion, Movies, Music, TV on DVD, giant robots
Favorite Movies Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Unforgiven, Man With No Name Trillogy, Pale Rider, Gran Torino, Blues Brothers, Predator, Death Race 2000, Ice Pirates, Rollerball, Seven Samurai, Cobra, Inception, True Grit, Porco Rosso, Date Night, The Other Guys, Surf Nazis Must Die, Robot Jox
Favorite Music Arch Enemy, Summoning, Nightwish, Lord, Amon Amarth, Beto Vasquez, Leaves' Eyes, Unsun, Arkona, Two Steps From Hell, Testament, Northern Kings, Alestorm
Favorite Books Silmarillion, Titanicus, The Winter Players, The Odyssey, Red Star Winter Orbit, Blood Bowl series, Discworld, A Thousand Sons, Legend of the Jade Phoenix trillogy