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Industry Communications or Media
Occupation A Wife and a round-a-clock Mom...
Location Chiba - prefecture, Japan
Introduction I'm a "Pinay" originally from Manila. A wife to a wonderful man and he is a Japanese National. A proud mama of three lovely kids. I live here in Japan and I also work part-time as a translator. My blog speaks for itself. I love life!!! I love all things alive e.g. Nature - (trees, plants) ; Human; and yes, Animals. The japanese characters 愛すべきもの全てに is read as Ai Subeki Mono Subeteni, meaning "For all my Loves". Yup, I write about all stuffs I love and for those whom I love. I guess I'm one of those wandering soul who writes in order to keep her sanity intact in this increasingly chaotic universe. Just trying to put what I found into words and would like to share it with people who might care. Also, I write for my own enjoyment and all these thoughts are solely mine. My life basically revolves around my children, my other-half, and my inveterate, lifetime advocacy for AUTISM. Family, Time, and Friends are the things I value most in life. Much THANKS for visiting! Hop along and you're welcome to join me in this life's Journey. It could be a joyous, smooth, settled ride; or a difficult, bumpy, jarred adventure. One thing sure is, it's going to be a changing, roller-coaster LIFE! :-)
Interests Music, racing cars (F1), BOOKS, Fishing ( my Passion ! ), IKEBANA or Japanese Flower Arranging, Net Marketing, Quality Movies, Figure Skating ( esp.), Digital Photography, Onsens & Spa's, Baseball (Japan and Major leagues), trips and travels (ryouko), foreign languages, wine and liquors, Blogging, Mechanical; Automatic and Signature Watches, Guns and Amo., Poems & Literature, bidding and selling ( in yahoo japan auction ), Babies and Kids, Cooking Anyting from Japanese dishes to ~ food proccessor meals and making baby meals myself...
Favorite Movies lots...tons of it!! I'm a DVD / movie addict!! I esp. like War Documented films, Love Comedy, Suspense, Human-Drama, Action Packed, Jap. samurai chongmage classics, Miyazaki Hayao's "Lappita", Kaze no Tani no Naushika, Tonari no Totoro ( My neighbor Totoro), Hotaru no Haka, Sen to Chihiro no kami kakushi (Spirited Away), Mononoke Hime( Princess Mononoke), Howl no Ugoku Shiro (How's moving Castle), and Gake no Ueh no PONYO (Ponyo)
Favorite Music JPOPs, latest craze, Rock and Heavy Metal, memorable Hits Of the '80s, NEW WAVE, Sappy '70s, OPM, Alternative, Rhytmic Jazz; R n' b, I'm beginning to appreciate Classic now beccause of my love for figure skating- esp. loves CHOPIN classics like "nocturne", "etude In A Flat Major", "Op. 25 No. 1 " & "torrent", classics like "Mon Coeur S'ouvre A Ta Voix", "Intermezzo Sinfonica", " Ravel's BOLERO (Excerpt)", " Prelude C#minor Op 3-No2 or bells of Moscow" by Rachmaninoff, " "Masquerade Waltz" by Khachaturian, "Caprice" by Niccolo Paganini, and Debussy's "claire de lune"to name a few..... ...any music actually ...anything but Reggae; or HIP-HOP!
Favorite Books Legal suspense (John Grisham; James Patterson), Books by Danielle Steel, Stephen King, Ira Levin, Sidney Sheldon, Robert Ludlum, Agatha Christie, and Amy Tan are my all time favorites!, I also enjoyed J.D.Salinger's "Catcher in the Rye", G.Lang's "Why a Daughter needs a Dad", R.Warren's "Purpose-Driven Life", Leslie Levine's "Ice~ Cream for Breakfast!", Dan Brown's "Deception Point", "Da Vinci Code", "Angels and Demons", "Digital Fortress" and his latest "The Lost Symbol", also L.Schlessinger's "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands", The Solace of Leaving Early, To Kill a Mockingbird, "The Stand" by Stephen King, Twilight 1- to -4, Sword Of Shannara by Terry Brooks, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, and my fav. Mitch Albom's "Tuesdays with Morrie", "For One More Day" and his "The Five People You meet in Heaven" are the latest that i could recommend! It's a must-read book i tell you! I am currently reading his latest " Have a little faith" and loves every page! - > a gift i received for christmas from best buddie " Regie Ueno my good friend" this is hard!..i could go on and on...there are so many books I love and read!!!