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Gender Male
Introduction I started 40k in the Rogue Trader days, primarily it was painting, modelling and the narrative that drew me in. When Realms of Chaos, Slaves to Darkness was released, my soul was consumed by Slaanesh which led to the birth of the Castigators Chaos Space Marines. I've played a few armies over the years, Eldar, Witch Hunters and Daemons at various levels of competitiveness. Since the release of 8th edition, I've returned to my roots, immersing myself in the background, running skirmish campaigns and enjoying the hobby....After 30+ years in the hobby I've finally realised I'm a narrative gamer at heart!
Favorite Movies Alien, Predator, LotR, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Zulu
Favorite Music Punk, Indie, 80's Goth
Favorite Books The Necroscope Series, A Song of Ice and Fire