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Introduction This art project that I have been calling The Hideaway has started as a food delivery service and is my effort to reinvent modes of survival and shift perspective about the current economic situation. Rather than calling this a job I choose to call it a work of art. Along with this comes opportunity to collaborate creatively with my community. That being said, the food is really delicious and totally unique to Kansas City. In purchasing my food you play a vital role in the conception of this artistic experiment, and it is my hope that you will be a part of it. All meats and vegetables used in these entrees are organic and grown by local farmers when available. The dishes are inspired by my Persian heritage, and ingredients such as saffron, berberis, dried lime, and sour plums contribute to their unique and exotic flavors. In their creation I extend the essence of my experiences, my gratitude for your advocacy and inspiration, as well as the stories that come along the way. Included with each order is a personalized art object made in limited edition exclusively for Hideaway patrons. There can be art in everything we do.