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Introduction Yes, I am a balancer, of sorts. I balance five blessings, one babe (my husband, of course), a happy, but harried homestead, and so many other things that come with beauty and bedlam. Sometimes I do it beautifully, and other times...oh...yep, sheer bedlam. Yet in the middle of this balancing act, there are those moments. Moments that take my breath away. Here is where a glimpse of those moments will be shared. Those things which I am passionately pursuing..frugal homemaking (couponing, meal planning, DIY), intentionality and the joy of five children. What a privilege to choose joy in this adventure of womanhood. I know that the bends in the road are just part of the lasting legacy that I am intentionally leaving.
Interests On this crazy journey of balancing beauty and bedlam, I love to share frugal ways to bless your nest, while encouraging all family managers (that's us...ladies). Through thrifting, couponing, meal planning, DIY projects, and a few miscellaneous this and thats thrown in there for good measure, hopefully you'll be inspired to bring beauty into your home, when sometimes it feels as if bedlam reigns. We live on a happy, but harried HOMESTEAD, and I'll share some ideas for being intentional with your family! I am a city girl doing the country living thing now for the past decade, and believe or not...we are loving it. We moved from WI to NC with the desire to pursue a radical multi-generational dream of sorts...there have been many twists and turns in fulfilling that dream, but the bottom line is that our kids are living THE DREAM!! The Homestead consists of two of my brothers, their families and ourselves. Between the 3 siblings, we have 19 children, and that means all those cousins have grown up together...that is the dream, and yes, I told you a bit radical. :)