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Industry Non-Profit
Location Wilmington, DE
Introduction I'm human, so I've got some issues, but all things considered I guess I'm reasonably normal. My parents are still married. My best friends are my sisters...okay, so I'm normal for the 1850's whatever. I'm opinionated and nerdy. I'm walking the line between tweener-style pop culture love (witness my ever-burning New Kids love and inexplicable Twilight obsession) and elitist culture snob (I can't seem to get enough 19th century British Lit and historical biographies) but, after 30 years, I'm finally learning not to give a crap what anyone else thinks about me. Oh, and those are my feet in the picture. The socks were made by a friend.
Interests Reading, movies, tv, cooking, broadway, music, history, travel, Mike Birbiglia, Demetri Martin, John Oliver, The Daily Show, Lost, The Office, 30 Rock
Favorite Movies Lord of the Rings trilogy, Serenity, Waitress, On a Clear Day, Room with a View
Favorite Music Foo Fighters, Flobots, The Spring Standards, Weezer, New Kids on the Block, Flight of the Conchords
Favorite Books Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, Harry Potter (1-7), Jane Eyre, The History of Now

Whoops! Your tongue is now a magnet. Whatever will you use for silverware?

Thank God! How did my tongue become magnetic and is there a way I can make everyone's tongue become magnetic? I hate when people scrape their teeth against their silver, and if everyone were forced to use plastic wear I could finally eat in peace!