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Industry Engineering
Location Washington, D.C., United States
Introduction I live in the city-I am a country girl-I love going fast-I hate bad drivers-I am an Ohio State fan-I sing in the car-I watch the History channel-I hated social studies class-I am an Engineer-Sometimes I forget which is the right and which is the left-I never forget square roots or how to compute the area of a cylinder- I know I just used the word ‘how’ improperly-I am private-I never fold socks-I clean obsessively when I’m mad-I want a boat-I hate water that you cannot see the bottom-I love to cook-I enjoy learning-I love children-I could never be a teacher-I am loyal-I work too much-I sleep too little-I’d rather drink beer all day on a golf cart than actually play golf-I won’t take the time to judge you-I’ll take the time to get to know you-I have a temper-My mom is my best friend-I am bullheaded-I don’t watch scary movies-I read mysteries-I think watching sunrises are more romantic than sunsets-I habitually clean off my desk every evening before I go home-I’m not afraid to get dirty-I don’t have a fichus in my house-I’ll be brutally honest-I have difficulty forgiving people-I love to laugh-If I ask a question, I genuinely want to hear the answer-and I like to stamp and scrapbook.