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Gender Female
Industry Environment
Occupation full time web hooker
Location Evansville, IN, United States
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Introduction ☆ UNICORN OF NERD P0RN ☆ modelographer ☆ 24/7 voyeur lifecaster ☆ cam ho ☆ cosplayer ☆ burlesqueteer ☆ artiste ☆ wannabe DJ ☆ newbie clarinetist ☆ pegasister ☆
Interests 80's club hits, absurdity, action figures, anti-censorship, artificial intelligence, barbara's studio of dance, being awesome, binge eating, brown hair, buffie the body, buying organic foods, camshows, cash, chastity, clubmix1996, cosmic bloopers, creative writing, crooked teeth, cuckold, daddies busted little angel, dancing better than you, degradation, degrassi: the next generation, dietary supplements, dieting, eating, evansville scene, fashion passion, fasting, fat free living, fetish, flappers, frederick's of hollywood, getting fat, getting into fist fights, getting my picture taken, ghost hunting, gummo, hairy pits and legs, hedonism, henry rollins, hog wild saloon (r.i.p.), hot girl action figures, indian food, joey goebel, joey hates women, judgement lapses, killer tofu, life control, margaret cho, masochism, masturbation, mind/brain fucking, mock rape, modern dance, money, musicals, my amazon wishlist, nagasaki inn, narcissism, not getting wrinkles, obsession, old places, outlandish thinking, performance art, pills-because-im-nervous, pretending to know zen, red lipstick, rhinestones, riding bikes past midnight, sadism, safety words, sally beauty supply, sephora, spoiled, stilettos, sushi, thai food, the "pull-out" gamble, the lucky lady, the magazine: juxtapoze, the maxx, thrift stores, tom waits, trash, tributes, undressjess, vanilla soft serve, vhs is better, webcams, white trash sluts, wigs and hair pieces, women, youtube, drinking, youth culture, magic, women’s studies, philosophy, psychology, porn positive feminism, flappers, burlesque, zombies, playing the Sims, learning Yiddish
Favorite Movies Cabaret, A.I., happiness, Eyes Wide Shut, Clockwork Orange, Dancer in the Dark, Vulgar, Man on the Moon, Citizen Cane, May, Crumb, 1984, Soylent Green, Troma films, Hotdog Man, Quills, Shirley Temple films, Fritz the Cat, Waking Life, One who flew over the Coo-coos nest, Dancer in the Dark, Blue Velvet, Tommy, Jesus Christ Super Star, Gypsy, 28 Days Later, Rosemarys Baby, Gummo, Naked Lunch, Ed Wood, who's afraid of viginia woolf?, Secretary, Clueless, Valley Girl, Chicago, Grey Gardens, Me you and everyone we know!!!!
Favorite Music She Wants Revenge, God Speed! You Black Emperor, Throbbing Gristle, New Order, A-ha, Gary Numan, B-52’s, John Zorn, Bauhaus, Chromeo, Tom Waits, Miss Kittin, Eartha Kitt, Peaches, Trans Am, Captain Beefheart, TV on the Radio, Nancy Sinatra, Blondie, Romeo Void, Talking Heads, !!!, Felix Da Housecat, Tracy & Plastics, The yeah yeah yeahs, Dead can Dance, The Faint, elvis costello, fugazi, kool keith, Kylie Minogue, pj Harvey, Ani difranco, Bjork, Bitch and animal, Polysics, radiohead, Ima Robot, souixsie and the banshees, henry rollins, fiona apple, Sleater-Kinney, Missing Persons
Favorite Books The Satanic Witch by Anton LaVey

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tinkerton- Like the cat!