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Introduction I am a British Psychologist specialising in Autism and related disorders with longstanding and growing concerns about: How much certain vaccines have affected certain children. How much Thimerosal, a preservative which is 49.6% Mercury, has damaged certain children over 77 years. How much MMR has damaged certain children and the synergistic effect of the effect on the immune system of: DTP (with Thimerosal) and MMR on certain children. How spin and political pressure has been used to dismiss real scientific evidence of biological damage. How spin has been used to blame parents for deaths and damage to children following certain vaccines. How spin has been used to vilify professionals including myself for raising these deeply moral issues affecting our most vulnerable citizens. Some years ago I wrote a book - Reweaving the Autistic Tapestry, now available on Amazon but not without a struggle. See the stories unfold over the next days and weeks about how the Pharmaceutical Industry with Government agencies have done so much to hide the truth about the damage they have done.
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