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Industry Arts
Occupation Aspiring Educator, Recovering Lawyer
Location Long Island, New York, United States
Introduction I used to spend a lot of time saying "Well, yes, I am a lawyer, BUT..." with things like "I used to work in the theater" and "I specialize in the fun stuff, like intellectual property law" and "I'm really much more fun than it sounds" but recently I gave up and took the leap and now I am on the verge of launching a new-old career as a theater educator. In addition to my many and varied interests, my key waking hours are spent with my family (composed of Mr. Gateau, Young Master Gateau, an even younger Master Gateau, and the youngest YMG, a/k/a Tiny Fuzzy. Aforementioned other interests: food and cooking; knitting and crafts; makeup, perfume, shoes, and clothing; arty stuff in general; and having ridiculous, endless conversations with Miss Cake.

You've successfully slain the dragon! How will you toast your marshmallows?

Silly person, everyone knows you toast the marshmallows FIRST, and THEN slay the dragon. Sheesh.