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Introduction (sings) *welcome to ouuurr bloggg!!* You can now view items in Motion Video. You see how they move and appear in-world! (No more wondering whether that prim jacket is going to stick through your arse when you move) We believe us fellas get a rough deal when it comes to fashion and the like in sl, hands up whos braved a skin fair or hair fair, spent the whole day rezzing only to find there's pretty much bugger all for the people with peenies /me puts his hand up! Well fear not young stallions we are here to help! We will be sharing with you basically what we wear, not saying we are "fashionistas" or anything poncey like that, but if either of us bung an outfit together and think we look rather dapper then we will blog it, simples. Also, if we find some cool random crap we think you'll like, we will blog that also, Pope avatar anyone? So yeh anyways, ur comments are welcome aslong as they go along the lines of 'You two are brilliant!' :D ENJOOOOOY!!!