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Gender MALE
Occupation writer
Location ontario, Canada
Introduction Born a while ago and far away.I have 3 children and now 3 grandchildren, who provide a focus for my life; I live on a mini hobby farm with a cat, some trees, and a creek to live with.
Interests living things, things that lived and things that will live.Which breaks down to Anthropology, Ecology, Paleontology, Archaeology, reading and writing, fixing and making.
Favorite Movies umm not into movies
Favorite Music Hey I'm almost Old what do you expect ? Classic, some Rock some (gasp ) Country, stuff that doesnt take over and Command or Demand.Billie Holliday, Pink Floyd, Segovia, Hendrix, Bach
Favorite Books science fiction with new ideas, historical novels, short stories well written and sometimes whatever is on sale on that special table at the bookstore

When you hesitate before hitting snooze on your alarm clock, are you being lazy?

Have it set to play the radio as alarm, so if the music is good it can just play while I decide whether it's getting up time.