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Industry Architecture
Location Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
Introduction is a digital sketchbook devoted to parametric and digital modeling, BIM, and the creation and description of complex form. Issues of craft, materiality, and technology were always present when I was growing up, making these values tangible long before I became an architect. Before I could drive a car, I had learned how to operate a boom crane and use computer-controlled equipment. To this day I make no distinction between the computer and the crane, both extensions of my body, both amplify my dexterity.

As an architect and educator, I use the computer to investigate issues related to fabrication and construction. As VP of Design and Creative Director at Blu Homes the links between design and manufacturing were always present. As principal of PLY Architecture we tested professional limits through technology. At the University of Michigan I teach design, robotics, innovation and coordinate the Masters of Science in Digital Technologies. Parametric thinking has led to my recent interests in biology, evolution, business, and robotics - all of which require an intense understanding of relationships.

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