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Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Financial consultant, teacher, nurse, hooker, laundry technition, zookeeper, waste disposal, germ fighter, therapist, breeder. In other words, I am a stay-at-home-mom.
Location Richmond, Virginia, United States
Introduction I am 36 years old but I remember when I thought 36 was ancient. I have a 19 month old son and a 4 week old son. They are delicious. I have a husband who everyone says looks like Kurt Russell. So of course he insists on watching every Kurt Russell movie on cable. Overboard, Captain Ron, Big Trouble in Little China, Escape From New York, the list is endless. But whatever makes him happy. I'm just trying to get through each day and step on as few toes as possible. I hope I am a good person. I treat animals well and I appreciate nature. I am thankful for everything I have and don't ask for much. I'm still a punk rock teenager at heart.
Interests My kids, my husband, my dog, the rest of my animals (5 parrots, 1 snake, 1 rogue goldfish). The beach, music, dancing, Buddhism, horses, long skirts and dresses, books, Anthony Bourdain, tattoos, animal rescue, dolphins, palm trees, peaceful times, boots, anything paisley, my friends, conservation, Obama, Whole Foods Grocery, waking up every day...
Favorite Movies The Four Seasons, Star Wars, Grease, A Chorus Line, All That Jazz, Meet the Fockers, Night of the Comet, Less Than Zero. I could now list all of the "smart" movies I like, but I won't. You'll just have to trust me.
Favorite Music Classical, new romantic, punk, rock, reggae, classic rock, old country (Patsy and Loretta), I also enjoy the sound of the ocean, birds singing, wind blowing, rain hitting the ground, and the summer bugs. To me that counts as music.
Favorite Books Anything by Judy Blume. Where is Joe Merchant, Fight Club, poetry books, freaking Jackie Collins (don't judge me!), old classics, more smart stuff I will choose to omit because I want to seem vacant and shallow...

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