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Location Youngsville, LA, United States
Introduction Random me.
Interests ♥, acid bath, angels, animals, art, babywearing, beaches, beauty, beer drinking music, believe, book stores, books, boots, butterflies, camping, candles, cats, cc's, cemeteries, chances, change, chocolate, cloth diapering, cloth diapers, coffee, cold weather, coloring, community coffee, country music, cowboy mouth, creativity, crosses, crying, darkness, death, diaperswappers, dining out, dogs, doing nothing, dragons, dreams, dwight yoakam, emotions, ender's game, etsy, exercise, faith, fantasy, fine point pens, fire, flowers, fresh linen, funerals, god, graves, graveyards, gray, health, help, history, horses, hotels, house, ink, journals, jthm, lafayette, lattes, lavendar, letters, life, lightning, live oaks, louisiana, love, love actually, monsters, mountains, movies, moving on, music, musicians, mythology, natural beauty, nature, night, note cards, orchids, pale, paradise lost, parenting, pedicures, photography, pictures, piercings, pillows, poetry, potty training, queen mab, rage, rain, reading, respect, rivers, sadness, sahm, sarcasm, sewing, silence, sleeping, spirituality, squee, stars, stories, storms, sunrises, sunsets, taking pictures, tattoos, text tattoos, the bible, the moon, the night, the smell of rain, the sun, the truth, thinking, thunder, tombstones, traveling, trees, turtles, ul lafayette, venting, vocabulary, watching movies, water, wool, writing
Favorite Movies Love Actually, Lake Placid, PS I Love You, Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, The Last Unicorn
Favorite Music lots.
Favorite Books Paradise Lost, Drawing Blood, Stephanie Plum series, The Lovely Bones, Kurt Vonnegut, Christopher Moore