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Gender MALE
Location Memphis, TN, United States
Introduction Every once in a while you’re come across a writer who isn’t afraid to convey to his readers how he really feels about a subject. One who doesn’t stick to the belief that everything in life has to be about being politically correct and sugar coating the real issues that society believes in handing people on a tarnished silver platter. Born in Trinidad & Tobago, and raised in the New York City area, RiPPa’s life hasn’t been, how Langston Hughes wrote “a crystal stair”, but that stairway has enriched him with life experiences that have shaped his point of view on various subjects. Whether he’s writing about the injustices African-Americans face, politics, and the reverent or irreverent, RiPPa uses his sense of humor and sarcasm to convey his opinion, and whether others agree with him, it isn’t his concern.