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Occupation Galactic Shieldmaiden
Location United Kingdom
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Introduction Hi, I'm Galactic Shieldmaiden Lisa Frideborg and I'm the human attaché at AISHANE (aka 'The Collective'). I love working with all four realms (human, elemental, star family and angelic) for the Highest Good. We are working together to usher in the Age of the Holy Spirit. The Unicorn is the emblem of AISHANE because Christ Consciousness is strongly embodied in the Unicorn Realm (a Galactic, higher-dimensional Elemental Realm). In the Middle Ages, mystics perceived this, which is how Christ came to be connected with Unicorn symbology. The Unicorn is also a fierce fighter and a worthy emblem of any Spirit Warrior.
Interests tarot, divination, i ching, qi gong, runes, esoteric christianity, dancing, walking, running, rumi, tao te ching, wisdom teachings, fitness, strength training, yoga, art of war
Favorite Books The Gnostic Gospels, especially the Gospel of Thomas, the Bible, the Tao Te Ching, the poetry of Rumi, anything about Norse Mythology

What spells can you cast with magic markers?

The question should be, 'What spells can't you cast with magic markers?' None. You can cast them all with magic markers. Obviously.