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Gender MALE
Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Secular Sinecurist
Location Seattle, Washington, United States
Introduction I fawking loathe George Bush jr like no other American politician. Wow does he ever piss me off. I don't like being pidgeon-holed, but the labels "pessimist" and "artsy incompetent utopian-idealist" leave room to roost. We gotta fix all the bad shit with love and technology! Who wants my love? Who can explain technology to me? Oh shit. Here come pain and death with all the terrifying inertia and rumble of a midnight avalanche! I abhor gratuitous lies, snobbery, cruelty, vacuity, stupidity -aka "sorority bitches". I hate hypocrisy, though it's what distinguishes us from the lower mammals. At one point or another, I've acquired all the prerequisite vices for becoming a writer, but I'm still not a writer. I'm stumped. I've had to drop some of the writerly vices - impossible to maintain w/o substantial incoming book royalties. My friends look to me for generosity and understanding, and I'm proud to give these things.
Interests complete and utter bullshit, architecture, digital photography, drumming, stone carving, constructivist sculpture, statics engineering, kinetic sculpture, folding frames and linkage devices, polyhedra, concrete, offensiveness and prudishness, evolutionary psychology, stultiloquy, naked pretty ladies, my checking account balance, design, Hard Bop, materials science, Wunderkammern, toys designed for smart kids, polyester casting resin, my awesome dog, free stuff, special treatment
Favorite Movies they're all pornos - I can't sit still for movies
Favorite Music Eye of the Tiger (the Tuvan Throat Singers'cover), Mickey Hart's Peyote-Drones for the Xtreme Endurance Athlete (disc 7)
Favorite Books Infinite Jest, Catch-22, Cat's Cradle, A day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch, Thank You For Smoking

You've written a hit musical! How will you avoid having fame go to your head?

No public head. Head for customer only. Piss elsewhere, fame.