About me

Gender Female
Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Introduction Dodol is a toffee-like Malaysian confection. Mochi is a sweet glutinous-rice snack commonly found throughout East Asia. And together they speak for who I am: a Malaysian-Chinese, a multilingual vocalizer, who discovered her love of baking, cooking, writing, and food photography during the last two years of her undergraduate education. And I take great pride in being who I am. On May 24, 2009, I gave birth to Dodol & Mochi — a canvas on which I’ve been painting thereafter, to express myself through my love of food and language, and through life and all things visual.
Interests Cooking, baking, collecting recipes and (cook)books, food photography, reading, writing, eating, blogging, watching cooking shows and other food-related programs, spending time with family and friends, cultural diversity, backpack traveling, listening to (my favorite) music and podcasts
Favorite Books Any books on cooking, baking, food, food photography and styling, writing, language and linguistics, philosophy, psychology, history, and traveling