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Introduction Peace and welcome to my blog. I grew up in the 60's, a time when an ability to cook was an asset as many of us were too busy “doing our own thing” to be bothered with such menial tasks. Through the years I have been a trained meat cutter while continuing to learn more in the culinary skills department from whoever and whatever I could. In more recent years I was able to combine my love of cooking with my meat cutting skills, as smaller supermarkets have gotten into serving hot meals and “meals in minutes” or food all prepped and ready for you to take home and cook. Of course you pay a very expensive premium for this service, usually double to triple the retail of the actual ingredients! Here I will share with you the secrets to creating delicious meals, easily and inexpensively! I will also pass along meat cutting tips that will help save you money as well! Why pay extra when you can very easily do it yourself! Plus I’ll help you identify the different cuts of meats and their uses! I intend for this blog to be a place where all are welcome, whether you’re an accomplished cook or a beginner, here you will feel at home! In my kitchen everything is Groovy! Peace & Welcome!