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Introduction I am the accidental Palinista. I always admired Sarah Palin, but I came to her FB page out of curiosity in July, 2011. Based on what I saw in 2008, she was a political dynamo who deserved to be our next President. On August 5th, I created "IM VOTING PALIN 2012". By October 5th, 1000 pledges were gathered. After Sarah announced she was not running, I founded GOPAYL (acronym for GOP are you listening?) We stand firmly by our belief that the GOP derailed Sarah's presidential bid. Besides posting daily, we have hosted: Meet Mark America December 6, 2011. Meet Gary Jackson January 5, 2012, and Meet Karen Harrington July 17, 2012. Our biggest group PROJECT: Sending LETTERS TO THE RNC on MARCH 6, 2012 (see blog post #21) PERSONAL MILESTONES THIS YEAR: MEETING and collaborating with fellow PALINISTAS. Writing my first blog post on APRIL 25th, campaigning for a wonderful candidate, and meeting conservative leaders at the Citizens United Film Event in Tampa: Stephen K. BANNON, David N. Bossie, Anita Moncrief, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, as well as Congressman Allen West. Projected future events: New Orleans Conference October 25, 2012.
Favorite Movies I have so many there is not enough time or space to list them all.
Favorite Music I am open to anyone suggesting good music. Links are welcome!