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Occupation Social Work
Location Hillcrest<br> San Diego, CA
Introduction I have 10 years experience working in social services in many capacities. I was originally introduced to the movement through an art event supporting adults with developmental disabilities, and became involved as a volunteer and student. My interest in advocacy fueled my development of a new initiative, giving misunderstood participants of a day program a chance to earn a fair income and work alongside me in the Gallery. Since then, I have successfully transitioned several people (once labeled "unqualified") into public employment of their liking. Currently I work at a grassroots agency in San Diego as a Supported Living Coordinator, which creates customized housing situations in ordinary places. In addition, I independently organize inclusive social events in various communities centered around my interest in the environment, art and feminism. I am a current contributor to the National Cat Protection Society and VDAY, a global non-profit to end violence against women. My goal is to dismiss stereotypes by helping citizens explore their unique gifts, and connecting people of all abilities to opportunities in their own neighborhood.
Interests I am interested in changing the way the world looks and works. I'm generally interested in helping people balance and cultivate their living space to enrich their personal lifestyle.
Favorite Movies I love movies! Big fan of the works of Tim Burton, Wes Anderson and Jean Luc-Goddard. Some of my random all time favorites are: i heart huckabees, The Royal Tennebaums, Cold Souls, Ghost World, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Brazil, Revolutionary Road and True Stories.
Favorite Music A little bit of everything depending on the axis of the Earth, the temperature and the place my feet are planted. In no particular order I usually always enjoy Florence & the Machine, Chris Issak, Grimes, Leslie & The Ly's, Future Islands, Le Tigre, Fleet Foxes, and Joy Division to name a few.
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