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Location Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom
Introduction Hi! As you want to know more about me, here I am talking about myself! I am Veena. Born and bred in Chennai, I have my ancestral origins from a town called Kumbakonam, known for its temples and meticulously prepared food. I chose a field quite atypical for girls – CARS! and after a successful professional stint relocated to UK. One of the few cautions I gave my husband when I said YES to the big question he asked me was that, he will have to cook for me but here I am now with my food blog. Well, I was always interested in cooking but still dislike doing it as a chore. That could explain why I experiment in my kitchen more or less everyday! Also my desire is that my son think of me as the best cook on earth C'mon, its not just me, its probably every mom that thinks like this! Like many other blogs, I would like to share my success and failure in the kitchen and I would also like to help people understand how vegetarian food is not just bland raw salad (which some of my friends call cow's food). I hope to give ideas on how they could cook easy, quick, fresh and healthy vegetarian dishes and make it part of their meal and style and does not have to necessarily standout as Indian.