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Introduction Hello, and welcome to my blog. I am a freelance economist who specialises in explaining economics 'the dismal science', in a non-academic fashion. I find these concepts fascinating, beautiful, and elegant but having read widely I confess the coverage has so far been pretty dry. I am trying to remedy this. As a political economist I make no great claims to originality. Occasionally I offer a new angle, analogy, argument, metaphor or illustration, but my primary virtue is my ability to communicate in full, clearly and in short; what others have already communicated in part, vaguely and at length. I would like everyone to enjoy seeing the world more clearly as much as I have and I believe economics, the sacred science of human action, has the ability to do that. Seeing the Unseen, the title given to this blog is after an essay from my favourite writer on economics, Frederic Bastiat, entitled, "That Which is Seen and That Which is Not Seen." He, like me, was largely a sythensizer and populariser who further developed and explicated ideas that were already circulating in economics - but what a gift and a talent he had for both clear writing and thinking.
Interests economics, political philosophy